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Experience the Great Outdoors and Boost Student Learning, Report Says

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One of the nation's best-known environmental organizations has released a report that it believes makes a strong case that providing students with more time outdoors increases their academic preparation and success.

The report, "Time Out: Using the Outdoors to Enhance Classroom Performance," released by the National Wildlife Federation, offers a compendium of research on the link between outdoor time and student learning. Oftentimes, the key step in getting students outside is turning off the TV or the computer monitor.

The report draws not only from case studies and other documents related to student performance, but also from medical studies and surveys. Limiting outdoor time can reduce students' attention spans and increase their aggressive behavior, the report says. It can also improve academic performance and maybe even promote better eyesight, according to the document. The report offers tips for parents and policymakers looking for ways to increase the amount of time children spend outdoors.

1 Comment

I love your reviews/synopses of the articles -- helps me connected to the research when I have NO time!

Do be careful pulling sentences out though -- check the second and third sentences in the third paragraph above. I don't believe you want the 'it' to represent limiting outdoor time. That is what happens when we don't have/take time to proof read!

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