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"Two Million Minutes" Part II, Comes to the Big Screen

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Readers of EdWeek will recall the hubbub over a 2007 film that warned of U.S. schools losing their competitive edge to those in China and India. Now a sequel to that documentary, which takes a different approach to the topic, is coming to the big screen.

It's called "Two Million Minutes: A 21st Century Solution." Unlike the first film, which profiled individual students in the United States, China, and India, this documentary singles out a top-notch charter school serving students of modest means, which nonetheless challenges them in math and science. In my story for EdWeek, I interview the film's executive producer, entrepreneur Robert Compton, who describes his motivation for making the film, and its message.

The first film drew criticism from some viewers who said it overhyped China's and India's educational gains, while not giving U.S. schools enough credit. Compton doesn't sound like he's backing away from that premise in his new film, but rather taking it in a new direction.

The film's trailer will give you a taste of what it's about.

1 Comment

I'm glad Compton is celebrating a U.S. school that's doing well by low income students in math and science. It would be nice if he would celebrate both charter & non-charter schools that are making big gains. He could find fine examples of both kinds of schools. The message would have broader appeal and relevance.

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