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Some People Wear Two Hats in Common Standards Process

Some of the individuals who have been selected to provide feedback on mathematics or English/language arts standards for college- and career-readiness are also part of the group of people charged with "validation" of the standards.

A Guide: Making Museums and Science Centers Work for You

A new guide, based on a study by the National Research Council, offers advice on how to craft lessons on the resources found in science centers and museums.

The Search for 'Core' Ideas in Science

The National Academies is hosting discussions of how to improve standards in science, which could shape the ongoing "Common Core" standards project.

A Forensic Examination of 'Forensics'

Don't confuse 'forensics' with 'forensic science' a reader says.

Student Debates Linked to Gains in Urban Achievement

African-American students who took part in debates were more likely to graduate from high school and more likely to be college-ready, a new study finds.

Cops as Classroom Resources for Science Teachers

Teachers in forensic science course often use local law enforcement agencies as prime resources.

Some States Include Native American History in the Curriculum

At least five northwest states have academic standards that address Native American culture and history, and the subject is included in the school curriculum, according to a federal study released this week.

Luring More Hispanics into 'STEM' Studies, Careers

The Hispanic College Fund will stage a forum on Capitol Hill on strategies to draw more Latino students into science and math fields.

Duncan Calls for Better Science Tests—and More Science in the Curriculum

The nation needs to take more aggressive steps in recruiting math and science teachers, Secretary Duncan tells a White House panel.

Parents' Group Sees Good and Bad in Draft Math Standards (Updated)

A parents group that is active on math issues likes what it sees from the draft "Common Core" standards.

Two Administrations, Two Approaches to Curriculum?

Former IES chief Russ Whitehurst says the Bush and Obama administrations have two different approaches to curriculum.

Federal Review: Read 180 Shows 'Potentially Positive Effects'

The federal What Works Clearinghouse has determined that Read 180 shows "potentially positive effects" on student reading achievement.

The Roger Ebert of Science Teachers

A big science teachers association offers reviews of the scientific accuracy of Hollywood flicks.

Obama Keeps Track of What His Daughters Are Reading

President Obama keeps tab of what his daughters are reading, according to report by a pool reporter on the president's visit to a Maryland elementary school yesterday.

An Early Intro to 'STEM' in Massachusetts

A Massachusetts business group launches an effort to introduce middle schoolers in nearly 600 middle schools to careers in "STEM" fields.

Whitehurst: How to Reform Schools? Improve the Curriculum

Effect sizes in research studies of curriculum are "larger, more certain, and less expensive" than education reforms favored by the Obama administration, according to a paper by Grover J. "Russ" Whitehurst, the former research chief of the U.S. Department of Education.

The Dashboard of Tomorrow

The sponsors of the automotive "X Prize" are asking high schools to come up with car dashboards that promote energy efficiency.

Parents, Professors Offer Views on Improving Math Performance

A NY Times forum offers some informed opinions on how to improve elementary math results.

Coming Next for Common Standards: Science and Social Studies?

Tentative plans are in the works to establish common standards in other subjects, once reading and math are complete.

Memo to Students: We Have Jobs—Do You Want Them?

A new report by the ACT says the career interests of high school graduates don't match job-market projections.

Online Exhibit Marks 150th Anniversary of John Brown's Attack

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is marking the 150th anniversary of John Brown's attack on a federal arsenal with an online exhibit for educators about him.

Former NCES Commissioner: NCLB Has Not Met Its Goals

Mark Schneider says new test results show the No Child Left Behind Act needs to be rethought.

Stagnant Math Scores: Is Teaching the Key?

The chairman of the panel that oversees NAEP says stagnant math scores show a need to focus on improved teaching.

Evaluation: PBS T.V. Programs Work in Teaching Literacy to Preschoolers

A large-scale evaluation of the U.S. Department of Educations Ready to Learn initiative found that preschoolers taught with a literacy curriculum that included video clips from PBS shows made significant gains in literacy skills, such as naming letters and knowing the sounds associated with those letters.

Feds Support New Centers to Study Math, and How to Improve Struggling Schools

Three centers would be supported by the Institute of Education Sciences, the U.S. Department of Education's top research division.

'Striving Readers' Evaluation: Read 180 Shows Effect at One Site

An evaluation of Striving Readers, the federal government's first reading program to focus on adolescents, shows a positive effect on student achievement at one of the sites that implemented Read 180.

The Illusion of 'Rigor' in Math

Students are A) taking tougher math classes in high school and B) getting better grades. But test scores show that their achievement is not increasing, a former top ed official says.

Making it Official: New Voc-Ed Secretary

Brenda Dann-Messier is confirmed by the U.S. Senate as assistant secretary for vocational and adult education. How will the Obama administration's position on voc-ed shift from that of the last administration?

Learning English, and Math

"School newcomer centers," which train English-language-learners, are placing an increasing emphasis on academic content, such as algebra, a survey finds.

Message to Youths: Learn While You Serve

The Corporation for National and Community Service and a number of nonprofit organizations launched this week the third annual national "learn and serve challenge," a 9-month effort aimed to support youths to learn academics at the same time that they are serving other people.

President Obama: Astronomer-in-Chief

President Obama talks science, and star-gazing, at the White House.

Expert Panels Weigh in on Learning Time, Assessments

A pair of white papers issued by the National Academy of Education weigh in on topics of major interest to state and federal policymakers.

'STEM' Through 4-H?

4-H steps its efforts to promote STEM through its network of programs around the country.

California Schools Superintendent: Curriculum Cuts Will Undermine Instruction

California's budget reductions will result in some state curricular materials not reaching the state's schools until 2017 or later, Jack O'Connell says.

Chinese-American Scholar on American Education, and Foreign Competition

The United States education system should build upon its strengths, rather than replicating the flaws of foreign nations' schools, a scholar argues.

New Chair, Board Members Named to Top NAEP Panel

David Driscoll, former commissioner of education in Massachusetts is named chair of the National Assessment Governing Board, which sets policy for the NAEP.

Visual Approach to Math Wins Praise in California Districts

A computer software program developed by the MIND Research Institute wins praise for improved math scores in some Southern and Northern California districts.

Stanford Scholar Talks Common Standards, College and Work Skills

The skills needed for two- and four-year colleges, and different jobs, may not be that similar, a scholar argues.

A Closer Look at Students' Weaknesses in Algebra (Updated)

Students on a recent algebra test struggled with some topics in particular, such as data and statistics, and polynomial and rational functions.

Study Shows Math Materials Have Impact in After-School Programs

A federal study shows math materials used in after-school programs had a notable impact on student learning while reading materials did not.

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