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Obama Keeps Track of What His Daughters Are Reading



President Obama keeps tab of what Sasha and Malia are reading, according to a report by pool reporter George Condon of CongressDaily about the president's visit to a Maryland elementary school yesterday.

Here's an excerpt:

He asked each kid what he or she was reading. One kid said "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." The president said, "Sasha and Malia loved that. They think it is hilarious."

In addition, the president told students at Viers Mill Elementary School that he had read the Harry Potter books with Malia and thought they were "pretty good."

Credit: Gerald Herbert/AP


Kudos to Obama for keeping track of what his daughters are reading. If Harry Potter is only "pretty good" Obama must have high reading standards.

Andrew Pass

I only hope Mr. Obama is keeping track of the math they are getting at school. Sidwell Friends, where his daughters attend, uses Investigations in Number, Data and Space, supplemented by Everyday Mathematics. These programs are notably lacking in providing solid instruction in math as has been discussed many times and many places on the internet and elsewhere. The President would be doing the country a great service if he stepped in and pronounced that the "emperor" that has snookered many schools and school districts, and injured students, has no clothes.

More parents should take that stance with their kids, encouraging reading and playing an active role in that education cycle as opposed to letting them sit in front of the tube for hours on end.

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