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Demonstrators Derail NYC Common-Standards Presentation

An offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement takes over New York City's department of education, shutting down an education panel meeting about the common standards.

Chicago to Judge High Schools by College-Readiness Metric

Chicago will begin evaluating high schools in part on college-readiness metrics.

College-Readiness Data Could Lower NYC High Schools' Grades

New York City is collecting college-readiness data that could lower the grades assigned to many of its high schools, but the information won't be included on school report cards until next year.

Book Aims to Explain Common Standards to Broad Audience

Robert Rothman from the Alliance for Excellent Education has authored a primer on the common standards that also looks at the challenges ahead.

Massachusetts 'Wow' Initiative Aims to Spark STEM Interest

The statewide public awareness campaign will feature individuals in STEM-related careers, including a statistician for the Red Sox and an oceanographer.

Initiative to Promote Teaching Evolution Across Life Sciences

The National Research Council and National Academy of Sciences are co-hosting a meeting next week to launch the initiative on teaching evolution.

EPA Announces New Award for Environmental Educators

The new awards program recognizes teachers who excel in teaching environmental education and use it as a context for broader learning.

More than 80 Communities Pledge Focus on 3rd Grade Reading

More than 80 cities and counties across the country have joined an initiative aimed at making all children proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade.

Project Aims to Tie Teacher Prep to Common Math Standards

The new project aims to bring together higher education, secondary schools, and outside groups to ensure new math teachers are prepared to bring the common standards into the classroom.

Florida Governor Questions Value of Studying Anthropology

Gov. Rick Scott suggests Florida doesn't need any more anthropology majors.

UPDATED: NCLB Waivers for States That Decline Common Standards, Tests?

Three of those intending to seek waivers from No Child Left Behind have not adopted common standards or signed up to work on common tests, two key areas of judgment in the waiver process.

Article Makes Case for the Academic Value of Extracurriculars

Activities at school beyond the classroom like sports, drama club, yearbook, and jazz band are worth protecting in tight fiscal times, contends a new article published in Education Next online today. "There's not a straight line between the crochet club and the Ivy League," writes former Wall Street Journal education reporter June Kronholz, a contributing editor to the education journal. "But a growing body of research says there is a link between after-school activities and graduating from high school, going to college, and becoming a responsible citizen." The article, "Academic Value of Non-Academics: The Case for Keeping Extracurriculars," points to ...

Literacy, STEM Education See Big Push in Senate ESEA Bill

A new bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act includes major programs for STEM education and comprehensive literacy.

Draft ESEA Bill Requires High Schools to Report College-Going Rates

A draft bill to reauthorize No Child Left Behind requires high schools to report on how many of their students go to college and how many must take remedial classes.

Will NCLB Rewrite Have the Teeth to Improve Schools?

Some activists are worried that a new draft NCLB reauthorization will lack the teeth to hold schools accountable for improvement.

Help Wanted: Coalition Seeks Writers for New Arts Standards

The coalition is seeking 10 experts each in the areas of dance, theater, visual arts, and music.

High Schools Under More Pressure to Report College Data

States are under increasing pressure to report their high schools' college-going rates.

The 'E' (and 'T') in STEM Get a Boost With $1 Million Gift

The $1 million grant will help set up new professional development centers in three cities.

Calling All Students: NASA Seeks Help Naming Spacecraft

Students have until Nov. 11 to come up with names for the two robotic spacecraft orbiting the moon.

Study: State Test Scores Lag at High School Level

A new study of state tests scores finds that gains are slower at the high school level than at the 4th or 8th grade levels.

Blueprint for Science Standards Earns B+ From Think Tank

The analysis suggests engineering and technology may be given undue prominence in the framework for new science standards.

Is It Possible to 'Differentiate' Instruction?

Scholars, wonks and educators debate the best ways to respond to the wide range of students' academic skills.

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