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It's been almost a year since West Virginia adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, though with a few changes to the wording on climate change. But now the science standards are being challenged once again.

Thirteen states and 40 districts are launching #GoOpen initiatives, focused on open resources and promoted by the federal education department.

Early findings from a new study show that California schools are using a wider range of unique textbooks than they were before the common core—in contrast to claims the standards would homogenize curriculum.

Literacy expert Timothy Shanahan says the research is clear: Writing about a text benefits reading comprehension more than talking about it.

Why are so many lessons about Islam landing so poorly? It turns out that most teachers get little to no preparation to teach about religions.

Kansas is the latest of several states to consider, and ultimately reject, requiring ethnic studies courses in public schools.

Students' knowledge of science as they enter kindergarten is tied to science achievement in elementary and middle school, according to new research.

By now you may have heard that there's a set of common science standards that some states are adopting called the Next Generation Science Standards. But if that's about where your knowledge ends, you're not alone.

When it comes to testing difficulty, the college-ready benchmarks set for the PARCC tests may be generally tougher than those for the Smarter Balanced assessments, ACT Aspire, and most other state assessments, according to a new analysis.

Most science teachers have an "insufficient grasp of the science" behind climate change, and that may be hurting their teaching, according to a recent study.

Hawaii is the 18th state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, which are also in place in the District of Columbia.

As more states and districts teach computer science, there's a debate over whether coding or theory should dominate.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science announced the release of a new, research-based curriculum for middle school teachers that, according to early piloting, is having quite an impact on science learning.

New research from the American Psychological Association shows that students are less motivated in science when they believe that success in the field depends on extraordinary talent.

EdReports.org, the group that bills itself as the Consumer Reports of common-core instructional materials, released analyses of four more textbook series this week—and again the results indicated publishers failed to meet the mark.

The latest data-heavy report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is turning up some interesting and sometimes counterintuitive details on just who is likely to struggle the most on international benchmarking tests in mathematics.

A new study found that teachers are mainly relying on homegrown instructional materials, created either by themselves or their district colleagues, to meet the Common Core State Standards.

Evaluating how well tests measure higher-order thinking skills and focus on the most important content and skills for college readiness, PARCC and SBAC come out on top of ACT Aspire and the MCAS.

The consortium is inviting input as it considers whether it should reorganize or replace its current Parcc Inc. nonprofit.

A lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for English/language arts said she has at least one regret about how the standards turned out: that they don't require students to read a large number of texts independently.

Through the District of Columbia's new "Books From Birth" literacy initiative, children under 5 years old will be eligible to have a free book sent to their houses every month.

Several of the big computer science education groups have put out a draft "framework" for how to teach the subject, and they're now looking for feedback from the public.

The stars may very well be aligning for proponents of K-12 computer science education


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