New Literacy Program Gives D.C. Children a Free Book Every Month

Through the District of Columbia's new "Books From Birth" literacy initiative, children under 5 years old will be eligible to have a free book sent to their houses every month.

Computer Science Education Groups Looking for Feedback on Draft Framework

Several of the big computer science education groups have put out a draft "framework" for how to teach the subject, and they're now looking for feedback from the public.

With Computer Science Ed. Gaining Momentum, Girls Still Well Behind

The stars may very well be aligning for proponents of K-12 computer science education

President Obama Announces 'Computer Science for All' Initiative

Today, the White House announced what it's calling an "ambitious, all-hands-on deck" initiative to get every student in the United States coding.

More States Set Financial Literacy Standards, Fewer Require Economics

The Council for Economic Education's annual survey finds that fewer states are requiring economics.

States Are Closing the 'Honesty Gap' in Test Results, Study Says

Yet another study documents that states are setting higher expectations for proficiency on their tests, aiming for NAEP-like levels of performance.

STEM Teacher Tool: Free Videos on 'Super Small Science'

NBC Learn and the National Science Foundation have released a series of short videos about nanotechnology, or the study of objects that are measured in billionths of meters.

Three Decades After Challenger Disaster, Remembrances and Change

It's been 30 years since the space shuttle Challenger exploded with New Hampshire teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe on board.

States Are Setting Higher Proficiency Bars on Tests, Study Finds

There's been a sharp increase in the number of states that are setting expectations closer to those of the rigorous NAEP exam.

Black, Hispanic Students Tend to Have Less Experienced Math Teachers

Black and Hispanic students are much more likely to have an 8th grade math teacher with five or fewer years experience than are their white and Asian peers, according to a new analysis of NAEP survey data.

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