Wyoming's governor signed into law a budget bill that included a footnote forbidding the state board of education from reviewing or adopting the Next Generation Science Standards,

State Commissioner Pam Stewart says Florida will go with assessments from the American Institutes of Research rather than the PARCC testing consortium.

The measure would increase course requirements in science, foreign languages, and the arts.

Here's a look at what the revisions to the SAT mean for the math portion and what two math experts think of the changes.

The additional time will allow for some final "quality checking" of the trial assessments' features beginning later this month.

A year and a half after rejecting every reading and math program that vendors offered Louisiana, Superintendent John White announces a suite of curriculum materials and guidance to help teachers evaluate publishers' offerings.

Authors of a new report found an "astonishingly broad snapshot" of how states approach teaching the civil rights movement.

A look at the draft math standards in Indiana reveals many similarities to the common core.

Most math teachers are now being asked to instruct students in a way they were neither taught during pre-service training nor learned themselves in the early grades.

Contrary to what Texas announced yesterday, the U.S. Department of Education has not denied its request for a waiver to help it avoid testing Algebra 1 students twice.

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