New survey data suggest that most middle school math teachers believe the common core standards are more rigorous than their state's prior standards.

Indiana moves to drop out of PARCC.

Educators are flooded with materials, all claiming to be useful in teaching the common core standards.

The state cites cost, technological readiness, as stumbling blocks in using PARCC's tests.

New pricing estimates show that half the states in the PARCC group and one-third in Smarter Balanced will face paying more for those tests than what they currently pay.

One of the state consortia will announce how much its tests will cost, a topic of intense interest in the states.

A STEM education coalitionopposes the House Republican bill to rewrite the No Child Left Behind Act.

The state decided that the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium offers it a chance to share assessment goals with neighboring states.

Florida's senate president and speaker of the house urged the schools commissioner to withdraw the state from the PARCC consortium, amid concerns about testing time and technological readiness.

The state board's vote in favor of the standards is not the final word. Ultimate authority rests with Washington state's superintendent.

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