The new executive director, Bob Doucette, brings considerable experience in association management, but not in math education.

Here are some noteworthy STEM developments in recent days, including reflections from educators in new STEM schools, the winners of a STEM video game contest, and analysis of top-paying jobs for recent college graduates.

The rush to be "ready" for common assessments in 2015 has dominated conversation about the new tests. But in some places, they're starting to be seen as only a beginning.

A new initiative from EDC seeks to help students and their teachers grapple with large sets of scientific and related data.

Books on display at Barnes & Noble offer a hint of what lies ahead for students in common-core classrooms.

A federal technical review panel's first look at the two common core assessment consortia's work shows praise for some things, and strong cautions on others.

Details emerge about the state's decision to go it alone on student testing.

With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg this week, a history teacher shares his experience, and advice, about teaching with historical sites.

North Carolina is moving away from the traditional high school math pathway to require that students complete integrated courses in the discipline.

Oklahoma's state superintendent has announced that the state is withdrawing from a common-core testing consortium to go its own way.

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