A conservative think tank argues that many state requirements for prospective high school history teachers fail to require adequate preparation in the subject.

New commissioner Glenda Ritz wants the state to go its own way with standardized tests.

The Next Generation Science Standards developed by 26 states are drawing sharp criticism from some quarters.

Randi Weingarten argues that no high-stakes decisions based on the common core should be made about students, teachers, or schools until adequate support has been provided.

Contest sponsors urge viewing parties to watch one-time-only live webcast of high school students performing the work of great poets.

A "fidelity check" by the National Research Council concludes that the science standards are in keeping with the vision articulated in an NRC framework that guides their development.

The exhibit hall at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual meeting was filled with instructional materials claiming alignment to the common core.

The commissioner of education says the state should consider other alternatives to PARCC, including ACT's new ASPIRE system.

A new brief from the Education Commission of the States outlines best practices in civics instruction, such as focusing on controversial issues that students find relevant to their lives.

A majority of high school seniors scored below the "proficient" level on a national economics assessment.

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