The Golden State considers tossing out the bulk of its state testing system so it can field-test the common-core exams on a larger scale.

California's state board of education voted unanimously yesterday to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards.

New research suggests the value of a course credit in Algebra 2 is declining.

A new study suggests that while girls report a higher degree of generalized math anxiety than boys, there is no difference in their level of math anxiety when in math class or taking a math exam.

The common-core math standards have a lot to say about the 'appropriate use' of math tools, including calculators, spreadsheets, and even 'dynamic geometry software.'

A corporate philanthropy has announced $4.4 million in STEM-focused grants. Also, several universities have just gotten STEM support from the NSF.

A new study finds that some states are considering assessments other than those being designed by the two state testing consortia.

The common-core exams will include rules for calculator use that will be a change for many states and are likely to influence regular classroom use.

A new online guide defines some of the most commonly misunderstood terms in education reform.

The Minnesota Historical Society has some new curricular offerings on tap to enhance student learning.


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