A new framework developed for a forthcoming set of arts education standards seeks to define 'artistic literacy.'

How big the boycott will get and what were its main triggers are open questions.

Gov. Martinez, a Republican, is proposing a $2 million plan to recruit math and science teachers for high-need districts.

But financial support for the common standards doesn't match the level of significance funders see in the initiative.

One of the two state assessment consortia, PARCC, solicits feedback on two key facets of its proposed accommodations policy.

New tests are likely to plumb deeper levels of understanding, but must surmount technical, financial, and political hurdles, UCLA researchers conclude.

An appendix in the latest draft of common science standards takes a stab at defining college and career readiness in science.

The achievement gap between U.S. students and those from other nations on one global exam would narrow significantly if adjustments were made for social class.

More than half the children surveyed said they still want to read books on paper even though electronic versions are available.

Although it will take time for many observers to digest the new draft, some early impressions are mainly favorable on changes from the first round.

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