A draft budget bill in Kansas would block the spending of any state aid on implementing the common-core standards or new science standards.

Washington is the 10th state to enact a policy that awards students a math or science credit for successfully completing AP computer science.

In a rebuttal to the AFT president's call for a moratorium on high-stakes consequences for the common core, Chiefs for Change calls for holding fast to accountability.

A $2.2 million grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust will help Khan Academy expand offerings to help teachers and students with the common-core math standards.

A new federal study shows few states are untouched by cheating probes, and all are aware their testing systems are vulnerable to cheating.

Rhode Island may become the first state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards.

A new initiative that combines math tutoring with violence-prevention programming will serve up to 1,000 youth in Chicago this fall.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress in civics, history, and geography is being scaled back because of budget cuts. It will only be offered to 8th graders.

A measure approved by a Michigan House panel would make Algebra 2 an optional course for high school graduation.

National Council of Teachers of English argues that computers ignore the most valuable elements of student writing.

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