If a new nonprofit in Colorado has its way, physics will become a mainstay of middle school science.

English and U.S. history continue to be the most popular AP subjects, new data show, though participation in STEM disciplines continues to rise.

A small group of Washington policy wonks says both assessment consortia are "on the wrong track" and predicts more states will drop out.

Relatively few are "very confident" that new standards will improve achievement or make students more ready for college and work.

State Commissioner Tony Bennett says a "Plan B" is necessary in case PARCC tests aren't ready in time.

Robert Scott shares his opposition to the Common Core State Standards with lawmakers in two other states.

Free copies of the film "Lincoln" will soon be distributed for free to every middle and high school in the country.

President Obama last night touted an early-college high school in Brooklyn that's been making a name for itself.

In his State of the Union Address, the president goes farther than he has in the past by offering federal dollars to influence high school curriculum design.

The common standards for science are drawing feedback from a wide array of groups in science and science education.


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