Five Utah educators, concerned about a lack of instructional materials aligned to the common-core math standards, are writing a set of high school e-textbooks.

GOP nominee criticizes President Barack Obama for backing common standards and tests.

The NSF is awarding $7.4 million for a project to promote improved STEM education in nine Baltimore elementary schools.

A Stanford University professor throws off his typical approach to education policy for a while to poke some fun at a very serious issue.

The Common Core State Standards aren't just changing instruction in math and English language/arts, new survey data suggest. They're also finding their way into a lot of science classrooms.

High school students will spend a year building appreciation for poetry and inspiring their peers to find or follow their poetic voices.

The vast majority of Michigan schools offer at least some arts instruction, a new study suggests, but more than one-third have no certified specialists in music or visual arts, the two most popular offerings.

Authors argue that increased emphasis on informational text will harm students' readiness for college.

At a time when states and districts are on the lookout for textbooks and related instructional materials to guide the teaching of the common core, a recent study offers a cautionary tale about the selection of publishers' wares. First, don't underestimate the importance to student learning of the particular curricular program chosen. Using different curricula, even if they share the same general pedagogical approach, can produce significant differences in learning gains, the study finds. Second, a solid research base is lacking on the effectiveness of competing programs, depriving schools and districts of critical information to help inform their choices. The ...

States' plans to use the common assessments as exit exams spark a warning from a Washington research-and-policy group.


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