Participating schools will be part of a pilot program aimed at measuring how their students compare with their global peers.

You might have heard that Utah has been surfing the waves of common-standards controversy lately. Now it appears that the standards aren't the only thing the state is uneasy about. It's also uneasy about the tests being designed for them. We are getting word that Utah plans to downgrade its membership in one of the assessment consortia from "governing" to "advisory." Governing states have voting power on key policy and design questions. They also are committed to using the tests when they are ready in 2014-15. Advisory states can sit in on discussions, but have no voting power and do ...

A civil rights coalition has scheduled a meeting with top GED officials to discuss its concerns that a redesign of the test will make it more expensive, and thus less accessible, for the low-income people who most need to take it.

A new research paper offers a defense of the Common Core State Standards, suggesting that they are world class and hold considerable promise to help improve student achievement.

Minnesota lawmakers have passed a measure that would require a legislative nod before the commissioner of education approves academic standards.

Teachers College has created a high school curriculum on the federal budget, arguing that young people should understand the process in order to informed, engaged citizens.

The new campaign comes as access to theater instruction in the elementary grades has sharply declined at the elementary level.

The National Research Council is planning to craft a framework to guide the development of new assessments aligned to a set of common, 'next generation' science standards.

The publishers' criteria in English/language arts, potentially powerful influences on how curriculum and instruction take shape for the new common standards, have been revised to address criticism and questions.

The Colorado board of education opposes proposed legislation that would make it commit to one of the consortia that are designing tests for the common standards.

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