Nearly a month after the conclusion of the Nevada Science Olympiad, Centennial High School and Ed W. Clark High School in Las Vegas are embroiled in an even more hotly contested battle to represent their state at the National Science Olympiad this May.

Leading scientists argue that the Tennessee bill would undermine the teaching of evolution in schools, and is likely to spark a legal challenge if signed by the governor.

A group that seeks to expose the 'multiple threats posed by radical Islam' charges that leading U.S. textbooks give a biased portrayal of the religion.

A New Jersey school district scrambles to clarify the meaning of a no-hugging directive issued by a middle school principal.

The Anchorage School District adopts the common core standards, even though its state has declined to do so.

Teachers and others share a variety of views on the common standards.

Only about 14 percent of middle school teachers surveyed use a pattern of instruction that regularly engages students in the "practices of science."

The commitment of up to $4.8 million over four years is intended to help the Lancaster district become a model in the state.

At a panel discussion last week, experts argued for giving ample classroom time and attention to history, science, and the arts.

Teachers nationwide are working toward being prepared for the common standards, but there is still a lot of work to do.

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