Minnesota lawmakers have passed a measure that would require a legislative nod before the commissioner of education approves academic standards.

Teachers College has created a high school curriculum on the federal budget, arguing that young people should understand the process in order to informed, engaged citizens.

The new campaign comes as access to theater instruction in the elementary grades has sharply declined at the elementary level.

The National Research Council is planning to craft a framework to guide the development of new assessments aligned to a set of common, 'next generation' science standards.

The publishers' criteria in English/language arts, potentially powerful influences on how curriculum and instruction take shape for the new common standards, have been revised to address criticism and questions.

The Colorado board of education opposes proposed legislation that would make it commit to one of the consortia that are designing tests for the common standards.

Some states have signaled plans to factor additional subjects, such as science and social studies, into revised accountability systems.

Education Week is hosting two webinars next week that show participants how educators are implementing the common standards in English/language arts.

The National Endowment for the Arts has just announced a series of grants, many of which will help fuel arts education in schools and communities.

The Obama administration has taken some steps recently to highlight the importance of environmental literacy, but is also proposing budget cuts in this same area.


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