A textbook registry set up by the Texas Education Agency in order to help school districts connect with donors who might replace storm-damaged instructional materials has come under criticism.

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, Bridgeport high school students will be required to take a course in African American Studies, Latin American Studies or Perspectives on Race to earn a diploma.

Those patterns persist even for students demonstrating high math ability in the 8th grade.

California is among the first states to create a diploma seal recognizing graduates' civic knowledge and engagement.

New Mexico now plans to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards in their entirety.

New reading and math results from the Nation's Report Card will be delayed until spring as federal officials conduct studies to ensure this year's results are comparable to prior years.

The state's version of the Next Generation Science Standards, for now, weakens standards related to climate change, evolution, and the geologic age of the Earth.

Explicit test preparation is associated with small declines in the quality of lessons, but not consistently.

The Core Knowledge Foundation has unveiled a free, downloadable social studies curriculum in grades 3-5.

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