Charles Dickens turns 200 today.

South Dakota lawmakers are considering forcing the state board of education to hold a second public-comment period on the common core standards.

Close-reading isn't anything new, and it's amazing that more instructional leaders don't know about it and use it, a curriculum consultant argues.

One of the two state assessment consortia begins the process of recruiting groups of teachers who will take leadership roles in teaching colleagues about the new tests, and help design instructional resources for them.

A Republican plan to abolish the federal mandate for science testing across states is facing sharp criticism from a coalition of groups promoting improved STEM learning.

A charter schools network with schools in both New York and Connecticut exemplifies the challenge of having common standards without fully common assessments.

Officials in several states are exploring the idea of developing a creativity index for schools.

A new panel will draw on research to come up with best-practices in literacy instruction.

The public will soon get its first chance to comment on a set of draft, common standards for science.

Some Indiana lawmakers are hoping the loops and tails of cursive letters won't be neglected in their state. The state's public schools and private schools that receive vouchers must teach cursive, according to a bill by Republican state Senator Jean Leising that passed last Thursday. We reported that the bill was being considered in a story considering the larger debate about teaching handwriting in cursive in schools.


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