A new study from Colorado shows that test scores as early as 6th grade can predict a student's likelihood of needing college remediation.

The action comes after officials discovered an array of errors and other problems with elementary-level history books.

The new materials available for free from the Civil War Trust seek to promote critical-thinking skills, with an emphasis on primary sources, from letters and photographs to maps.

A new report urges governors to become a force in helping their state colleges and universities respond better to workforce demands.

A host of activities pegged to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War are planned, including a student competition and a new feature from the National Park Service penned by a fictitious Civil War era correspondent.

The blogosphere hosts a lively debate about developing shared curriculum for the common standards.

Missouri drops performance tasks and essay writing from its state exams, echoing a move Maryland made in 2002. Both raise questions for the state consortia designing new tests for the common standards.

Arts group says the data shows arts education to be in the "midst of a difficult storm."

And yet, student achievement in history was deemed "good or outstanding" in the majority of schools examined, according to the report by a government watchdog.

Two new Stanford studies about work that helps students raise grades and stay in school longer raise interesting questions for high school.

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