The curriculum is designed to correspond with the National Geographic Channel series, MARS, which includes a scripted drama and documentary-style interviews with key figures in the quest for human exploration of the planet.

Two teachers in Mineola, N.Y., discuss the pros and cons of teaching Shakespeare with 21st century technology in a video produced as part of a special report on digital literacy.

A new special section from by Education Week's commentary editors seeks to answer this question and come up with some possible solutions.

The new framework aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards, which encourage more hands-on learning.

There are more resources for teachers hoping to explore project-based learning than ever before. Research on one such program suggests it might help with problem-solving.

Teacher training programs that focused on content like common-core math were deemed to be the most successful, according to the survey by 100Kin10.

A group in Tennessee is concerned that proposed changes to the state's standards might lead teachers to spend even less time on social studies.

Politics K-12 takes a look at what's happened to the Common Core State Standards around the country.

A nonprofit in Vermont uses sailing to help schools teach students about STEM.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is advocating for caution when it comes to open educational resources.

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