Mathematics anxiety can impede learning and discourage young people from pursuing careers in the STEM fields.

Key challenges accompany the endeavor to move from paper-and-pencil tests to computer tests, including the need for a larger and better-designed pool of test, enough computers, and the money to pay for it all.

Organizers of a manifesto against common standards, curriculum and tests launch another volley in the argument with those who support them.

Montana's state superintendent of schools recommends adoption of the common standards.

Because states set their own prices for the GED, tight budgets could drive up the price of that exam.

Calls for common or shared curriculum for the common standards have prompted a bit of controversy about "national," "mandated," and "imposed" curriculum.

U.S. Senator Patty Murray reintroduces a comprehensive literacy bill.

The White House hosts a poetry workshop and reading.

A group led by critics of the common standards sparks debate around the blogosphere by attacking common curriculum and tests.

Conservatives issue a manifesto arguing against a shared curriculum for the common standards.

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