Researchers, testmakers, policymakers and others convene to grapple with the new challenges of test designs being proposed by the two state assessment consortia.

The plan would eliminate a variety of programs at the U.S. Department of Education, including Striving Readers, Math and Science Partnerships, and Teaching American History.

There are a number of developments in the STEM arena, including a new book to encourage high school students to conduct scientific research and take part in competitions.

Experts question whether federal law allows the two state assessment consortia to design curricular and instructional materials.

The renowned educator used unorthodox teaching methods that she summed up as "rap, rhythm, and rhyme."

Math for America has gradually added more sites across the country.

The institute will select 10-15 schools later this year to participate in the project, dubbed Middle School Matters.

Famed poet Nikki Giovanni reflects on her wanderings through the academic disciplines, and thanks her English teacher for the sheer freedom of reading that led her to find her place.

The South Dakota House education committee bans national history standards even before any exist.

Participation in science fairs appears to be dropping, The New York Times reports.

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