A new report finds more states requiring some form of high school test, and its authors predict that forthcoming common assessments could fuel that trend.

One provider of workshops about the common standards promotes it like a rock and roll band's tour.

A new partnership seeks to support the movement toward common standards and assessments by enlisting the participation of higher education.

The bill includes a variety of provisions aimed at improving STEM education.

A new development in assessment has the potential to make tests more accessible to students with disabilities, and more portable.

Some state legislators are questioning the wisdom of the decision.

The American Federation of Teachers explores how to shape curriculum from the common standards.

Forty-two percent of adults identified a phrase popularized by the author of "The Communist Manifesto" as coming from one of America's founding documents.

The $440,000 research project is intended to lay the groundwork for a longitudinal examination of informal science learning programs.

A college student reflects on her lackluster freshman English experience, and education activists debate how far teachers and principals should go in tracking down truants.

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