College preparation and career preparation are merging, experts say in a discussion about career readiness.

The common standards' emphasis on students' skill with complex texts and disciplinary literacy pushes teachers to rethink how they should do their jobs.

Even as federal aid for several literacy programs has been wiped away, President Obama seems more focused on math and science education.

A call for shared curriculum generates debate.

The newspaper found 1,600 examples of "anomalies" in test-score gains that experts deem statistically rare and "perhaps suspect."

A plan introduced by Senate Democrats would restore $200 million for the federal Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy program.

The minute anyone says "common curriculum," there is an instantaneous reaction in some quarters that envisions every 3rd grader in America reading from the exact same page of the exact same textbook at the exact same moment on a given Tuesday in February. Is our problem here just a semantic one?

With the development of new tests for the common standards, it will be interesting to see how states phase out or tweak their old assessment systems.

The spending plan would prevent a government shutdown, but also eliminate federal funding for Striving Readers, Even Start, and Reading Is Fundamental, among other education programs.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan urges literacy campaign funders to help drive administration policy on early learning, chronic absenteeism, summer learning loss, and other issues that detract from building good reading skills.


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