Greetings, common-standards addicts! I'm back on the Watch, and I have this to report: Florida adopted the common standards today. That brings to 30 the number of states that have adopted. Note of trivia: The Sunshine State's board of education could well win the prize for speed. Members adopted the standards in six minutes, according to a department of education spokeswoman. The unanimous vote was held via conference call. Don't let the trivia distract you from the real deal, though; Florida's adoption is significant. It's one of those states folks watch if they're trying to take education's temperature. And it ...

The District of Columbia last night became the 29th adopter of the common benchmarks crafted as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

By guest blogger Stephen Sawchuk New York adopted the common standards on Monday—with so little fanfare that I missed it at first—and, of course, Massachusetts officially signed on today, with so much drama involved that it was absolutely impossible to miss. We'll soon have a full story up on analyzing the situation in Massachusetts, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you'll want to turn your attention to the District of Columbia, which is poised to adopt the standards tonight. Including the "provisional" adoptions in Washington and Utah, we're now up to 28 states that have adopted...

By guest blogger Stephen Sawchuk The fabulous Catherine Gewertz is on vacay this week, but common standards stop for no one! And so we bring you the news that the latest common-standard adoption tally is 26 states, kind-of-sort-of, now that Washington state has provisionally approved the common content guidelines in mathematics and reading. If you're wondering what "provisionally" means, the bottom line is that state Superintendent Randy Dorn must give the legislature a final review in January 2011, complete with an analysis of the costs of implementation and a comparison of the current academic-content standards with those produced by the ...

The California state board of education is expected to vote on the common standards on Aug. 2.

Efforts are building across the country to promote computer science education in schools.

A California commission voted to recommend that the state adopt recently developed common standards, but not before putting its own imprint on them.

South Carolina is the 25th state to adopt the common standards.

Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland wants to waive AP test fees for students.

California commission prepares to make its recommendations to the state board on the common standards.

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