The National Council on Social Studies has added a section about the academic study of religion to its College, Career, and Civic Life framework.

Atlanta will begin training its literacy teachers in an approach with roots in the early 20th century.

Some states will use more than math and English/language arts exams to judge school quality.

New research found that project-based learning can help improve students' academic achievement in low-income communities, but that success is not guaranteed.

The move comes after debates about "bathroom bills" aimed at transgender students have roiled the city and the state of Texas.

Talking about the statues can open up rich conversations for students, but teachers need to be prepared.

Measures that would reward workers and students for skills and accomplishments rather than for the time they spend in class moved in fits and starts through legislatures in seven states in 2016 and 2017.

The Success Academies charter school group is making its early literacy curriculum available for all educators to view.

Oregon is the latest state to consider adding an ethnic studies curriculum.

New York will cut from three to two the number of testing days for elementary and middle school students.


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