Pennsylvania and Louisiana make 18 states that have adopted the common standards.

We told you yesterday that one state had adopted the common standards but hadn't made it public yet. It turns out that this state is Wyoming, but it isn't that they're not "willing" to make a public announcement, as we said yesterday. It's just that they haven't been able to yet. The Wyoming state board adopted the common standards on June 16. When we heard about that on June 22, we called to check, and education department spokesman Tim Lockwood cheerfully confirmed it. (We told you about that here, too.) But since the adoption, many things have gotten in the ...

The newly revised social studies standards in Texas are now available online.

Arizona becomes the 16th state to adopt the common standards.

A state judge in Texas yesterday upheld a truth-in-grading policy.

One state has adopted the common standards but is not willing to make that public yet.

The late Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia was a strong champion of history and civics education in schools.

States are doing comparison studies between their own standards and the common core.

A special report from the American Prospect magazine examines early literacy.

Oklahoma becomes the 15th state to adopt the common standards.

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