Chicago is one of a number of cities and states that has been tracking the status of arts programs after major cuts in years past.

A lawsuit had claimed that policy decisions in Michigan have led to Detroit's schoolchildren being deprived of their right to literacy.

U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, in partnership with the Poetry Foundation and the Library of Congress, will meet with 9th grade English teachers in Chicago Public Schools to revamp poetry instruction.

In a series of videos, two teachers and a principal at North East High School in Maryland talk about the school's role in helping students understand the election.

New research from Stanford University finds that even students who have grown up with the internet struggle to judge the credibility of the information they read online.

The curriculum uses the story of a Labrador retriever who suffered horrific abuse from other dogs and neglect from his owner to teach students empathy and resilience.

The only textbook the Texas State Board of Education was offered included stereotypes about Mexicans.

A lesson plan shared by a San Francisco teachers' union described the president-elect as racist and sexist and called on teachers to empower and uplift students.

A group of Kansas parents and students argued that the Next Generation Science Standards violated their First Amendment rights.

The curriculum is designed to correspond with the National Geographic Channel series, MARS, which includes a scripted drama and documentary-style interviews with key figures in the quest for human exploration of the planet.

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