The Obama administration has identified six finalists for the Race to the Top Commencement Challenge, with the winning school to host President Obama at its graduation ceremony.

Key strategies to build students' writing skills can enhance their reading comprehension, a new report says.

About six percent of high school seniors in Massachusetts have yet to pass a science exam required to earn a diploma.

It's a hot topic now: It's no longer enough to just graduate from high school. Students have to be sure that their high school education actually prepares them for college or good jobs. (If you thought that was obvious, you were ahead of a lot of folks, who, um, didn't.) It's popular to say everyone needs to be college- or career- ready. But the trick is, not everyone agrees on what that means. (We've written tons about this, but one recent overview is from our Diplomas Count report.) Into that fray wades the Association for Career and Technical Education, which ...

The issue of the Chinese government paying for Chinese language instruction in public schools is sparking debate in a California community.

Debate is heating up in Connecticut over legislation that would require public schools to allow students to opt out of dissecting animals.

The education gaps between boys and girls have long drawn attention. For a while, the focus was on girls lagging behind boys in math and science. More lately, attention has been focusing on how boys trail behind girls in reading. A new report by the Center on Education Policy examines this issue. (See my colleague Erik Robelen's story about the report, as well.) The center's president, Jack Jennings, offers an overview in a commentary newly posted on, and argues for systematic strategies to address the boy-girl reading gap. When I reported the most recent NAEP reading scores recently, ...

In a speech this afternoon, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will highlight the importance of a "well-rounded" education.

A new survey of school district officials suggests that cuts are on the rise for academic interventions, electives, textbooks, and field trips.

With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day just two weeks away, a variety of organizations are providing materials online to help make it a teachable moment.

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