West Virginia gives conditional approval to the common standards.

Common standards factor into Virginia's decision to pull out of Race to the Top and prove a stumbling point in Oklahoma legislation designed to enhance its position for the federal contest.

Hawaii and Maryland become the second and third states to adopt the common standards even before they are out in final form.

Texas's standards require students to study the "free enterprise system and its benefits."

You've been reading here about Massachusetts' tightrope walk on Race to the Top and the common standards. You remember: the state, much revered for its high academic standards, says it will not adopt the common standards if they are less rigorous than its own. But to be best positioned to win a chunk of the money available under Race to the Top, it has to promise by the June 1 RTT application deadline to adopt the common standards—which won't be released in their final form until June 2—by August 2. What's a state to do? Some people are...

The Texas state board of education has completed work on controversial new standards for social studies, but critics suggest this isn't the final word on the matter.

Colorado, like other states, is hashing out how to mesh adoption of common standards with its own newly revised standards.

As I wrote the other day, the Texas state school board is back in action this week, focusing its energy on debating, and debating, new social studies standards. It's expected to hold a final vote on the standards later today. Among the topics of discussion? Whether to include President Obama's full middle name, Hussein—which, of course, also happens to be the last name of a former dictator in the Middle East—in a standard that calls on high school history students to examine the historical significance of the 2008 presidential election, reports the Dallas Morning News. David Bradley,...

Efforts to pass STEM legislation in the House are proving tougher than expected, amid partisan wrangling.

In a new paper, the College Board, the ETS, and Pearson Learning explore ways to get test-score comparability across multiple assessments.


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