High-performing Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea order math lessons so that math lessons reinforce, and build upon each other.

A botched test affects thousands of applicants to elite Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

A group of organizations launches a campaign on behalf of computer science.

In a speech to early-childhood-education researchers meeting at Georgetown University today, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan expressed his belief that high-quality preschool programs can create a level playing field for all students at the start of school.

Farewell, and thank you.

Legislators in New Mexico are considering a proposed Hispanic Education Act, which would provide a curricula for Hispanic culture and language.

A story examines the legacy of "The Montreal Massacre," and the reluctance of women to pursue careers in "STEM" fields.

For education reporters to write about teaching and learning, and give examples of how a curriculum plays out in the classroom, they need to have a chance to spend a considerable amount of time observing students and teachers.

Educators have not been shy about giving their opinions about drafts released through the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Many say standards are only one piece of the K-12 puzzle.

Texas' education commissioner says the Obama administration's federal stimulus guidelines are punishing his state as they promote common academic standards.

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