As you know, the common standards are up for public comment through the end of this week (more than 5,000 comments so far, sources tell me). While lots of debate has focused on whether the standards cover the right stuff, whether their level of rigor is appropriate, and whether they were developed in a sufficiently transparent way, a bit less conversation has centered on the standards' potential as a business venture. Not that no one's talked about it. The potential profits to be made from designing curriculum materials and assessments for the standards have been a trigger for skepticism ...

Three in four Florida teachers say they are comfortable with the inclusion of evolution in the state's recently revised science standards, a survey finds.

You may have heard a little something this week about President Obama winning changes to the U.S. health-care system. What you might have missed amid the hoopla and the hollering is a couple of provisions tucked into the legislation to fund abstinence-only education and comprehensive sex education at a cost of more than $600 million over five years. The health-care overhaul essentially gives a new lease on life to the Abstinence Education Grant Program, which has been around since the 1990s but recently was zeroed out with backing from President Obama. It provides grants to states for initiatives that ...

Questions persist about the effect of exclusion rates on NAEP scores.

The Illinois House, in response to concerns about tight school budgets, approved a bill this week that would allow local school boards to set four-day weeks to save money.

NAEP scores in 4th grade and 8th grade reading are being released today.

Amid state and local budget cuts, South Carolina is seeing a decline in the number of single-gender classes offered at public schools.

As comments pour in on the common standards, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute here in Washington is weighing in with an analysis of the draft. Its report, issued today, gives the math standards an A-minus and the English/language arts a B. That's an improvement over the last time the organization checked into the drafts that have been produced and refined as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Last fall, Fordham had its experts pore over an earlier draft and gave B's to both math and the ELA. (See our story here, which links to that study.)...

Two new studies look at the barriers women and minorities face in entering the STEM fields.

Comments are flooding in on the common standards, but the public probably won't get to see them.


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