Matt Crawford, the author of the book "Shop Class as Soulcraft," argues that society should preserve manual training in schools, amid calls for computer skills and other "knowledge"-oriented training.

The working version of the "Common Core" standards includes an explanation of how "evidence" informed them. One source of evidence is found in Singapore.

At a forum at the National Press Club takes stock of the movement for common standards and the long road to travel once they are developed.

With political momentum building to develop common standards across the nation, the Educational Testing Service today is releasing a new report to help inform the effort.

Karen Wixson, a scholar who works on language arts issues, says the drafters get the "grain size" of the document right.

A version of the common, multistate academic standards is posted on the Core Knowledge Web site. The document gets a less-than-stellar review.

The shortcomings of the American education system in math and science pose a cyber-risk to the United States, argues former Bush administration official Tom Luce.

Minnesota's science scores climb on the state's test—and the results actually seem modest, compared to the state's impressive showing on an international exam.

Frank McCourt, who has died at the age of 78, became a world-famous memoirist. But before that, he was a creative writing teacher in the New York public schools.

The moon landing was driven in part by Cold War competitiveness. Are breakthroughs in math and science education likely to come as a result of foreign competition, too?

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