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Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis put out a slide show with summaries of historical inaccuracies in some of Hollywood's historical films.

If you're worried about the ongoing ruckus over social studies standards in Texas devolving into a "Chavez vs. Franklin"-style battle, you might have legitimate concern, judging from this summary in the Associated Press. The Texas state board of education is slated to discuss the proposed standards at a hearing today. Known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the standards guide textbook content and testing. Earlier this year, an expert panel working on the standards recommended that the attention paid to labor-rights activist Cesar Chavez be minimized and former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall be reduced, relative to figures ...

The organization Common Core, which calls for giving students strong grounding across academic disciplines, has organized an open letter critiquing the program put forward by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and calling for the group to revise its goals. That letter is signed by some big names in education policy, including Randi Weingarten, of the American Federation of Teachers; education historian Diane Ravitch; Core Knowledge founder E.D. Hirsch Jr.; Chester Finn, of the Fordham Foundation; and John Silber, the retired president of Boston University. Some of those people have been on record previously as opposing the 21st-century-skills push. ...

The College Board publishes standards for college-readiness in science—a follow-up to its language arts, math, and statistics standards.

A new film is the sequel to a 2007 documentary that criticized American students' academic preparation, and motivation, compared with young people in China and India.

A new digital magazine offers a resource to teachers and students on engineering.

The Einstein fellows program invites teachers to Washington to serve as policy advisers to Congress and federal agencies.

A major state tech group objects to proposed NAEP standards.

When the title of the article is “Dehumanized: When Math and Science Rule the School,” it’s safe to assume that the author is not buying the prevailing line about the United States’ shortcomings in those subjects, and their alleged consequences for society. Mark Slouka, in a piece in published in this month’s issue of Harper’s Magazine, derides the continuous “ritual” of pointing out new crises in math and science, a campaign that he says is being pushed along by corporate America with uncritical assistance from politicians, colleges and universities, and the news media. Slouka is not arguing ...


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