Representatives of the organizations overseeing the common standards effort briefed the board that sets policy for the NAEP.

Federal officials have been struggling to set more uniform policies for testing English-language learners and special education students for years.

I often hear math teachers and others talk about the importance of the study of statistics in high school, and how they believe it's unfairly shunned, in favor of other math studies, particularly calculus. There are others who say statistics, in fact, is getting its due. The College Board, for instance, offers an AP test in that subject and sometimes you'll hear of a high school offering some other kind of statistics-focused course. The New York Times has a story this week about the growing need for statisticians in the job market, which they suggest is a result of the ...

The Squire Family Foundation is trying to expand the availability of philosophy classes in high schools across the nation.

A paper examines the connection between college majors and devotion to religion.

Research shows that when information in a film doesn't match what's in a history text, students are more likely to remember the film version, according to the EdWeek blog, Inside School Research

The Society for Science & the Public seeks to cultivate independent research projects among disadvantaged students.

Teaching to the test is not a problem in schools as long as it is the right test, argue a couple of commentators in an on-line debate, "What Do School Tests Measure?," published by the New York Times this week.

Britain's Tory party proposes an online database of national tests, from different eras.

Jim Burke, an English teacher in Virginia, posts his version of what students need to know and be able to do in English to prepare for college and the workplace.


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