Math is becoming increasing important to the study of biology, a new paper argues.

A new effort in Chicago seeks to help high school students make the plunge into college-level math and science.

Students who major in "STEM" fields tend to have more success in completing college studies than peers with other interests.

A free curriculum has been created that has a goal of helping Native Americans to prevent diabetes. It's aimed for children in grades K-12 at tribal schools or schools with a lot of Native Americans.

Researchers commissioned by the Wallace Foundation report findings on what arts educators consider to be a high-quality arts program. One important aspect is to engage students on many levels.

The United States isn't the only place to host contentious debates over what belongs in science standards. A proposed rewrite of Britain's academic guidelines for primary school teaching in that subject, the first such revision in England in more than 20 years, has drawn objections from some of the country's leading scientists, including renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins and other scientists, in a letter to Britain's children's secretary, voice concerns that the draft does not address the theory of evolution, the scientific method, or give students an overall sense of why science is important in society, the Guardian reports. ...

The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards is seeking public comment on revised standards for certification of accomplished history and social studies teachers.

Matt Crawford, the author of the book "Shop Class as Soulcraft," argues that society should preserve manual training in schools, amid calls for computer skills and other "knowledge"-oriented training.

The working version of the "Common Core" standards includes an explanation of how "evidence" informed them. One source of evidence is found in Singapore.

At a forum at the National Press Club takes stock of the movement for common standards and the long road to travel once they are developed.


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