Kichoon Yang moves from the University of Missouri to NCTM.

Joanne Jacobs asks whether school districts make it hard for parents to access the curriculum of their children's schools.

The list of experts and insiders who will be shaping the effort to create voluntary math and reading standards is unveiled.

EdWeek is publishing a potpourri of stories on reading, chosen by its staff. The collection is part of our "Spotlight" series, which covers various education topics. This one focuses on some of the major questions facing reading educators and experts today, including early literacy, the role of educational TV in reading instruction, the pitfalls of reading research, reading software and tips for engaging reluctant readers. It's six articles and two commentaries, in PDF form. Have a look....

Top school officials from Singapore and Finland offer perspectives and lessons for the USA.

Count a parents' coalition as one of the interest groups asking for a say in the ongoing, multi-state effort to draft common standards, which is being led by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The organization, which calls itself the United States Coalition for World Class Math, is a group of parents, mathematicians, and other interested parties from across the country. You can read more about their principles on their Web site. Generally speaking, they believe mathematicians should have a strong role in shaping math standards; that the math standards of states like Massachusetts ...

Boys like to read about trucks, boys being bad, sports, and war. They like humor. They like action. I'm picking all of this up from well-acclaimed children's authors who are presenting at a conference I'm attending here at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Va., on how to get boys hooked on reading. But here's a thought from the conference that may not exactly be intuitive: Boys also like to read books that grab them emotionally, according to Jack Gantos, the author of the Rotten Ralph series and Joey Pigza books, which are about boys who are bad. Gantos said that when ...

Organizations that promote science and geography lessons want to help students hone "21st Century Skills."

Few areas of education have proved as politically popular at the state level in recent years as efforts to improve math and science through teacher education and professional development, outreach activities to students, and other means. Governors, state legislators, and state boards of education in both Republican- and Democratic-dominated states, often at the urging of the business lobby, have taken up the cause. Yet a story in the Lansing (Mich.) State Journal is a reminder that as budget pressures mount, legislators are facing increasing pressure to cut math and science programs, too. State lawmakers in Michigan are considering chopping $2.5...

Brenda Dann-Messier, the leader of a Rhode Island nonprofit focused on adult education and literacy issues, will oversee the U.S. Department of Education's career-and-tech ed programs.


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