A recent piece is reigniting the common-core math homework discussion.

The move is the latest in a series of states deciding to dump PARCC or Smarter Balanced for the SAT or ACT.

Four new elements will be added to the periodic table, finally completing the chart's seventh row.

The newly revised K-12 education law lets states or districts use the SAT or ACT instead of standards-based tests at the high school level.

Students struggling with reading fluency should be asked a simple question, says educational therapist Diana Black Kennedy: "What do you want to read about today?"

Facebook commenters are praising Mark Zuckerberg for his punchy comeback to a woman's post about the advice she gives to her granddaughters.

New promos from ExxonMobil ask viewers to think about what the world would look like without engineers.

Each year, we take a look at Curriculum Matters' most-read blog posts, and in 2015 it seems two major themes got readers clicking: common-core testing and math instruction.

The academic gaps related to dyslexia can show up in verbal deficiencies years before children traditionally are expected to read.

The move marks yet another migration from PARCC or Smarter Balanced to the SAT, and points up the College Board's aggressive bid to win statewide contracts.

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