An administrator with Durham Public Schools plans more than 100 virtual field trips each year that take her district's elementary school students to places they could never afford to go to otherwise.

Education Week's survey of all states shows three key shifts in testing, including a continued erosion of the strength of PARCC and Smarter Balanced, particularly at the high school level.

A new study looks at how K-12 educators responded to the Ebola outbreak, and finds that most science teachers devoted some class time to the topic.

Randall Munroe, the creator of the popular Internet comic xkcd, will soon have his work featured in high school science textbooks.

The new test is designed to give 10th graders a preview of the ACT college-entrance exam.

A new study of Reading Recovery, a 1-on-1 reading intervention program for 1st graders, found that the program had a significant positive impact on students' reading achievement.

Groups of students will travel to the edge of space to conduct experiments on marshmallows, moss, greenhouse gas, and more.

With its refusal to participate in pilot testing, the Fort Wayne community school district raises a question: Do districts have the right to opt out of that test-development work?

Legislatures in Kentucky and Idaho are considering measures that would permit the Bible to be taught in schools.

If signed, the bill would introduce new readiness tests in 1st grade, and permit districts to use a series of interim tests to produce a summative score.


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