It's been 30 years since the space shuttle Challenger exploded with New Hampshire teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe on board.

There's been a sharp increase in the number of states that are setting expectations closer to those of the rigorous NAEP exam.

Black and Hispanic students are much more likely to have an 8th grade math teacher with five or fewer years experience than are their white and Asian peers, according to a new analysis of NAEP survey data.

Common-core math aims to have students do less memorizing—but it's being misinterpreted to have students do more, argues a math education professor.

The school district is looking to departmentalize math instruction for 5th grade students as part of a push for stronger algebra preparation.

Very few K-12 science teachers have the experience needed to teach the science and engineering practices described in the Next Generation Science Standards, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

New policies and a longer school day have helped Chicago schools give more students access to arts education.

The change was prompted by data showing that students who passed the revised GED are doing better in college than recent high school graduates.

A children's book that tells the story of Hercules, George Washington's cook and a slave, has been been withdrawn by Scholastic.

If you want to find out what math textbooks a district is using, just go ahead and ask the central office, right? According to researcher Morgan Polikoff, it's not quite that easy.


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