A survey of kindergarten teachers showed unhappiness with the amount of time the test took away from instruction.

In case you missed it, a recently released package of opinion pieces looks at the many facets of K-12 arts education.

The first statewide results of ACT's Aspire test show most students below the marks that indicate they're on track for success in college.

Yet another state tries to hammer out a new way of judging schools that doesn't rely so heavily on test scores.

The Los Angeles school district will make ethnic studies a graduation requirement, and the San Francisco district will aim to do the same within five years.

A study of a program to prepare students for careers and college shows that students earn more credits in high school and have greater confidence in their career and life skills than their peers in regular programs.

A new bill would allow states to use grant money to reevaluate their testing routines.

The dismissed lawsuit claims that the Next Generation Science Standards violates the religious freedoms of students and parents and promoted atheism.

This week marks the second official Hour of Code, a campaign by Seattle-based nonprofit Code.org to get more students learning some computer programming.

Federal law requires states to report student test scores in achievement levels, but leaders in the Golden State want to take a different approach.

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