As more states grow uncertain or conflicted about sticking with the Common Core State Standards, educators and others on the front lines find themselves in a bind.

A Florida researcher says elementary teachers need to reconsider the way they're teaching basic division.

The American Library Association's annual 'State of the Libraries' list singles out books that are most often challenged as inappropriate reading for young people.

A mother-daughter team described the importance of starting students with special needs with concepts rather than math facts and memorization, even if the process is painstakingly slow.

A new document from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics aims to go a step further than the Common Core State Standards in math by describing specifically what educators need to do to help students reach the new requirements.

An overheard conversation on the way to an annual conference for math teachers highlights some timely and very thorny issues around the Common Core State Standards.

Math anxiety can be explained, at least in part, by genetic factors, according to a recent study that tracked hundreds of twins over a seven-year period.

The common characteristics include a STEM-focused curriculum, project-based learning, and supports for underrepresented students.

States move to keep cursive instruction in classrooms, despite its absence from the common core.

At Thomas S. Wootton High School in Maryland, educators seem to agree that field-testing for the common-core exams has been problematic.

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