If in rounding out 2014 you're still finding yourself a bit fuzzy on the difference between the common-core standards and curriculum, two recent NPR pieces might offer some clarity.

A group of Cambodians who received art therapy to recover from postwar trauma began an arts education program that now serves more than 800 students.

We round up this year's most popular blog posts, and offer some projections for next year.

Some northern New Jersey high schools are dropping local midterms and finals in a bid to preserve instructional time.

The Denver school district looked fruitlessly for good common-core materials, reflecting widespread unhappiness with the quality of instructional resources in the marketplace.

Students would be better off if algebra teachers began their lessons with word problems, according to a recent study. But that can pose challenges for students who struggle with language.

A survey of kindergarten teachers showed unhappiness with the amount of time the test took away from instruction.

In case you missed it, a recently released package of opinion pieces looks at the many facets of K-12 arts education.

The first statewide results of ACT's Aspire test show most students below the marks that indicate they're on track for success in college.

Yet another state tries to hammer out a new way of judging schools that doesn't rely so heavily on test scores.


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