In Oklahoma, thousands of students will now be able to move from 3rd to 4th grade despite having failed a state standardized reading test.

A photo of an arts education program for students with special needs illustrates the kinds of social and communication gains students can make.

An Education Week analysis of all the states' testing plans shows that although most states belong to one of the assessment consortia, many plan to use other tests in 2014-15.

Two arts education reports released last week highlight the variability in how schools and informal-learning environments are addressing the arts across the country.

Some suggest there's growing backlash to the Next Generation Science Standards based on their language about climate change. But is there evidence to support that?

Not long ago, Indiana became the first state to "un-adopt" the Common Core State Standards. But Indiana might soon have company.

At a summit featuring Vice President Joe Biden, 26 companies signed a pledge stating they would help advance STEM education, which included a commitment to advocate for the common core and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Should computer coding be taught in elementary schools? Or high schools? Or is a better question: Should coding be taught at all?

Michigan has become the most recent state to face big questions about its assessment plans under the Common Core State Standards.

Based on a new analysis from the NAEP governing board, only 39 percent of 12th graders are ready for entry-level college courses in math and 38 percent in reading.

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