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September 13, 2018

Constitution Day Is Here. Here's a Roundup of Lessons and Resources

At a time when Constitutional issues are very much in the news, teachers and national organizations are gearing up materials and events to help students sort out what makes the 231-year-old document relevant today.

August 27, 2018

More Than a Dream: How to Teach King's Famous, and Often Simplified, Speech

Two educators share ideas for teaching Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech on the 55th anniversary of its delivery on the National Mall.

August 08, 2018

Few Texas High Schools Fulfill Voter Registration Law

A majority of Texas high schools fail to obtain and distribute voter registration applications to eligible students, a new analysis concludes.

July 26, 2018

Civics Education Overhaul Nears Completion in Massachusetts

The state is a stone's throw away from establishing the country's first action civics requirements in secondary schools.

July 19, 2018

After Outcry, College Board Restores 250 Years to Proposed AP History Course

The College Board has reversed course on its plan to eliminate content on pre-colonial Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East from Advanced Placement World History.

June 27, 2018

Is There a Link Between Civics Requirements and Teacher Working Conditions?

A new report from a national think tank pulls together everything you need to know about the state of civics education and the teachers who teach it.

June 12, 2018

AP World History Rewrite Draws Criticism From Teachers and Students

High school history teachers are fighting back against changes to Advanced Placement World History that eliminate content on pre-colonial Africa, Asia, Americas and the Middle East.

June 08, 2018

Another State to Require Testing in Civics

Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania plans to sign a bill requiring 7th through 12th graders take a civics test.

May 09, 2018

Can Education Produce More Civically Engaged Students? You Bet, Study Finds

Enrolling in a school operated by the Democracy Prep charter network boosted students' voting rates when they turned 18.

May 04, 2018

Will Illinois Be the Next State to Require Public Schools Teach LGBT History?

Illinois would become the second state, after California, to require public schools to teach LGBT-inclusive history if a bill passed by the state senate becomes law.

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