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As I announced yesterday, we are moving this blog to a new livelier format at Participatory Democracy and Public Education.  I want to take the opportunity of this last blog to share my sense of where Public Education and the movements for human rights in general, are going.

As mentioned in previous blog posts we are moving this blog today to a new home:  Participatory Democracy and Public Education.  The new blog will host an active discussion format among the four of us -- Bryant, Saulo, Patrick and I.  Please join in on our conversations there.

In this post I wish to share an insightful Vimeo presentation on the political and ideological reasons for the onslaught against public education by Brian Jones, a teacher in NYC who has been one of the leading voices against corporate charters and the attacks on teachers and their unions. I specify "corporate charter" to differentiate from the schools in NYC, like Central Park East, which are alternative schools within the public system. N Alexander wrote the text below. -- Saulo Colon Still Separate, Still Unequal: Structural Racism, Class Reproduction and The Attack on Public Education, with Teacher-Activist Brian Jones Public ...


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