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Child-care expert says parents must ask tough questions of providers

An advocacy group says investment in increased access is critical for the youngest kids.

Experts say there's too little research to show what impact the devices have on brain development in the early years.

New book says answering all those questions is more important than we thought.

One in 11 children will live with a nonparental relative or family friend for at least three consecutive months before the age of 18.

Legislation Would Phase in Rollback to Sept. 1 Over Three Years

Governor's Revised Budget Still Calls for Elimination After Lawmakers Rejected Idea

Kids as young as 1 benefit from interactive classes with parents

Georgia's Pilot Program Raises Questions About Value of Students' Opinions

University of Maine Award is for Excellence in Early Childhood Informational Text

A new Time magazine cover story and accompanying photo stokes debate over best way to parent children.

New study suggests a link between mother's obesity and child's lower cognitive function

Teacher Preparation, Licensing Should Differ from Upper Grades Requirements

The author and illustrator of "Where the Wild Things Are" and dozens of other volumes broke from children's literature tradition.

National group of retired military leaders says investment necessary for national security

Four-year-old children with parents who speak little to no English reap important benefits by participating in one year of center-based care—such as Head Start or state preschool—before starting kindergarten, a new study from the Public Policy Institute of California concludes. Specifically, these so-called "linguistically isolated" children, who have virtually no exposure to the English language in their home and neighborhood environments, demonstrate much stronger early-reading skills than their peers who do not attend a center-based preschool program prior to starting kindergarten, the study concludes. The vast majority of these children, both in California and nationally, are Latino. ...

Educators say teachers must focus on appropriate use for young kids

Lawmakers' compromise transfers money to another state agency


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